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The UPSers Portal is an essential tool for employees of United Parcel Service (UPS), offering a range of services and resources. This article compiles information from various sources to provide a thorough understanding of the UPSers Portal, including how to log in, register, and navigate its features.

The UPSers Portal, located at, is the company’s official website. It acts as a primary center for gaining access to numerous company resources, managing personal information, and staying up to speed on company news.

Logging into UPSers is a breeze, making it super convenient for employees to access their information swiftly. If you’re a returning user, the process is straightforward and unique, ensuring you’re quickly on your way to accessing your personal dashboard.

UPSers Login Portal Overview 2024

User BaseUPS Employees
Main PurposeEmployee account management, access to company resources, and communication.
Key ServicesPayroll information, company news, personal profile management, and training resources.
SecuritySecured with employee-specific login credentials and often multi-factor authentication.
AccessibilityAvailable 24/7, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.
SupportTechnical assistance and help resources available for troubleshooting.

Pre Requisites for UPSers Login & Registration

For Logging In:

If you’re already a part of the UPS family and have your account set up, here’s what you need for logging in:

  • User ID: This is usually your UPS employee ID. It’s your unique identifier within the company.
  • Password: The key to your account. Make sure it’s something you remember but hard for others to guess.

For New User Registration:

If you’re new to UPS, welcome! Here’s what you’ll need to create your account:

  • Employee ID: You’ll get this from UPS when you start. It’s your unique number as a UPS employee.
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN): This is generated based on your employment details. You’ll need it only for the first time registration.
  • Birth Year: This is used for verification purposes.
  • Work Location Information: Knowing where you’re based helps UPS tailor your portal experience.
  • Valid Email Address: For communication and account recovery purposes.

Step by Step Guide to UPSers Login

Step 1:- Head to the Official UPSers Website:

  • Start by visiting the official UPSers site. It’s the gateway to all your employee resources.

Step 2:- Enter Your Unique Credentials:

  • User ID: This is your special identifier, provided by UPS.
  • Password: The key to your account, known only to you.

Step 3:- Choose Your Language:

  • Language Preference: Select the language you’re most comfortable with. UPSers caters to a diverse workforce with multiple language options.

Step 4:- Hit the UPSERS LOGIN Button:

  • Once you’ve filled in your details, simply click on the ‘Log In’ button. It’s that easy!

Step 5:- Automatic Validation and Access:

  • The system will quickly validate your details. Once confirmed, you’ll be logged in automatically, leading you straight to your personal UPSers page.

New User Registration on UPSers

Welcome aboard! If you’re a new user at UPS, setting up your UPSers account is as easy as pie. Think of it as the beginning of an exciting new adventure with UPS.

Here’s your step by step guide to creating your account and diving into the world of UPSers.

Step 1:- Start Your Journey:

  • Visit the Registration Page: Head over to the UPSers New User Registration page. This is where your UPS adventure begins.

Step 2:- Find the ‘New User & PIN’ Section:

  • Locate the Section: Once on the page, scroll down until you see the “New User & PIN” option. This is your gateway to becoming a part of the UPSers community.
UPSers New Users, First Time Registration

Step 3:- Fill in Your Details:

  • Select Your Work Area: Choose the appropriate field under “I work in.”
  • Enter Required Information: Fill in the corresponding fields such as employee type, birth year, and employee ID. These details are crucial for creating your unique profile.

Step 4:- Receive Your PIN:

  • Validation of Details: After submitting your details, the system will validate them.
  • Get Your PIN: Once validated, you’ll receive your Personal Identification Number (PIN). This, along with your User ID, is key to your UPSers account.

Step 5:- Note Down Your Credentials:

  • User ID and PIN: Make sure to note down your User ID and PIN. You’ll need these for the final step of registration on the UPSers login portal.

UPSers Employee Benefits

UPSers Employee Benefits include:

  • Regular pay reviews and potential for overtime.
  • Medical, dental, and vision plans.
  • Pension plans and 401(k) options.
  • Financial support for education.
  • Opportunities for internal promotions and professional development.

For a comprehensive list of benefits, employees can refer to the UPSers platform or visit the UPS Careers website.

UPSer App Download

To download the UPS Mobile App:

  • Visit the Apple App Store if you’re using an iOS device, or the Google Play Store for Android devices.
  • Search for “UPS Mobile App” in the store and download it for free.
  • This app will allow you to track packages, manage deliveries, create shipping labels, and more, enhancing your shipping and tracking experience.

For more details, visit the UPS Mobile App page on the UPS website.


The UPSers Portal is a vital resource for UPS employees, offering a streamlined and secure way to access company information and manage personal details. Whether you are a new employee needing to register or an existing employee looking to maximize the benefits of the portal, this guide provides the necessary information to navigate the UPSers Portal effectively.